Defining Principles

Investors First
We maintain a culture of uncompromising standards as fiduciaries of our investors’ capital.
Direct Real Estate
Experience Matters
Our senior team’s decades of direct real estate experience in zoning, design, construction, leasing, operations and financing equips us with critical perspective and unique capabilities with respect to identifying and underwriting opportunities, assessing prospective operating partners, and executing business plans.
Real Estate is
a Local Business
Over decades, we have built deep relationships with highly talented, deeply experienced, repeat operating partners and other key market participants in local markets around the country.

Keep it Simple
We create and execute well-defined, market-driven business plans to access and create value in great long-term real estate.
Critical Thinkers
We focus on markets with compelling fundamentals and liquidity, often leading us to “off the beaten path” markets requiring independent thought, critical analysis, and heightened conviction.
Prudent Use of
Financial Leverage
We employ carefully-structured leverage in business plans where appropriate, with a heightened focus on downside protection.